Friday, January 5, 2018


It's been about three years since I've logged in or posted!  As you can see I gave it a face-lift for 2018! I hope you like it!  I didn't realize that many were still visiting this blog until I saw the visitor feed. I hope that those who have visited have left with some sort of encouragement. 

In the past three years much has transpired! Good, bad and ugly!  Too much to tell in one post.  However, I have to say that the God I serve is a God of restoration! 

Life with a disabled/retired veteran can be somewhat overwhelming.  Although I am grateful that he returned from his deployments and so proud of his service to our country, all that he endured physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually took a toll in him and our marriage.  I'm sure many women can relate.  It's been a hard journey of recovery for my husband and our relationship.  However, God has intervened. 

I want to share a testimony.  Like I mentioned so much has happened and one of those "good" things is the ministry God entrusted me with called "Reviving Dry Bones - Mission Ezekiel 37".... It is a gathering for women.  We fellowship, worship, pray as I release God's word or a teaching as Holy Spirit leads.  It's an amazing time.  So refreshing! 

Back in June 2017 the LORD lead me to do a marriage conference.  Now, let me say this, I was not qualified to do this at that time.  As you read my testimony, you will know why I say this.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Meltdown Moment: From Wife to Caregiver?

That moment when you realized that you went from being your husband's wife to "caregiver!!!!!!

My husband had returned from an appointment and shared that the doctor made a suggestion that I apply for the VA Caregiver Program.  To be quite honest I felt offended! For goodness sake I'm his wife of seven years and now I am going to be reduced to a mere "caregiver"!! Really?  I don't think so!

The word itself gave me the "heebie jeebees"!  I don't want to be known as his caregiver and nevertheless feel like the hired help!  Can you feel me on this?

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