Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why ASK?

Okay, this is a little venting session for me so bare with me. 

I'm sure many of the military wives can relate to this because truly its so discouraging to receive a phone call from the hubby only to get in a few words. 


Husband: "Hey, how are you?
Wife:  "I'm good"
Husband:  "Did you pay the bills"
Wife:  "Yes"
Husband: "So anything new going on"
Wife:  "OH Yeah (excited voice)! I wanted to share this awesome........."
Husband: "Ok well I got to go, we talk later and we can share then"
Wife:  "Yeah Okay (disappointed voice) sure"....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Army Drama

I was enlightened yesterday to the fact that "army drama" is experienced by many women whose husbands are deployed! Descriptions of crabbiness, grumpiness, insensitivity towards the emotional state of the wives and erratic behavior were shared!  I was like "wow", so I'm not the only one!  Whewww...thank God! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We've been invaded!  Oh my, now what is up with those insects called "love bugs" in Florida!  I'm not used to this thing! Eeeeeeeeeeew......

Yesterday, I came face to face in battle with these peskly little creatures.  At first, I couldn't make out what they were.  They were slamming into my windshield, going inside the car and swarming around me in the multitudes when I got out of the car!  I'm swatting them from left to right.  I was getting the heebie jeebies!  I was told that if they were separated, they would die!

Well, I don't know how true that is, but jeez can these bugs be a little more private in their honeymooning stage! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Putting on MY War Face!

Early this morning, like in 3a.m. EARLY, my phone rang.  We all know that when the phone rings at those hours, nothing positive comes from it.  These are the "dreaded" phone calls in the night hours we hesitate to answer.

As I hear it ringing from a distance, I fumble, tumble and finally got a hold of the phone.  It was Rey!  His tone of voice warned me that it was not going to be pleasant news.  He will be going to a remote place for more combat training that will not enable him to call or text me for the next five days!  He was very upset to say the least.  Of course I got the list of "to do's" and "not to do's".....mostly they were "not to do's" and be "a good girl" speech!  Okay Daddy! LOL.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Light in the Midst of Darkness

There are days that may seem like all we ever will walk in is darkness.  The pressures of our daily lives accompanied by a deployment can take us over the edge.  There are moments you don't know whether to cry, scream or run from it all. 

I am so grateful that despite the stress, the loneliness, the moments in which my husband's reactions may be heart wrenching, I am not alone.  I may sit in a dark place for a moment, but surely "Light" comes to allow me to see that He is there to guide me in times when I cannot see my way through!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh No! I forgot my son!

Stress is hazardous to your health and especially the brain!

This week has been -  oh, how can I say without sounding negative....hmmmmmn.....STRESSFUL!! lol

At first,  Sammy, my five year old  got cooties from school! He had a stomach virus that consisted mainly of fever and VOMITTING!  Oh gosh, he puked all over my mustard colored couches, the floor and outside of the toilet bowl that he was hugging!  He had very bad aim!!!  Gotta work on that! This lasted for two and a half days! On top of that, hubby calls and let's just say that he is NOT himself! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moments Like This....

My son, Sammy is not feeling well.  He seemed to have contracted a stomach virus from school.  My granddaughter that attends the same school is stricken with the same.  The first time he vomit was on the floor and I was able to easily clean it up.  Oh but just a few minutes ago as he was napping on my mustard colored couch, he puked his guts out! Oh gosh, it's moments like this that I miss my husband even the more!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great News

My husband was released from the hospital today! Praise the Lord!  Before he was released, they re-examined and tested him and they literally are baffled as to why he was hospitalized in the first place because they found nothing wrong after all was said and done!  Do we serve a Mighty God or what!

Special Delivery This Morning!

What a delightful surprise this morning! It was about 9:00am and I heard knocking on my door. I thought I was dreaming. Could it be the Jehovah Witnessess? Maybe it's my daughter. I'll kill her if it's too early!

Being that I didn't go to sleep until 2:30am, I was half comatosed! Therefore, I stumbled like a drunkard making my way to the door when I took notice that I failed to put on my robe!  I quickly ran back to put it on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What NOT to Say to a Military Wife

I found this article "What NOT to Say to a Military Wife"(click to open link) on a friend's facebook page and of course being I'm a military wife, it drew me to read it!

Oh I had a good laugh with this.  How true of these questions that many have asked even me.  But in all, there are those who care about us and don't know how to express themselves.  There's never a good question when we face hard situations.  It's like asking how someone is doing whose loved one just passed away.  Although we know that obviously they are not doing well, we feel the need to say something.  And yet there are those who just don't have a clue! LOL.....

I've learned that sometimes just a big hug without words is sufficient enough.  In the hug are the comforting words that speak volumes!!

I hope that this article brings a smile to your face because it did for me.  I thought we call can use a laugh!

A glad heart makes a happy face; ~ Proverbs 15:13a

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a DAY!!

Today was an exceptional day! Yes, even though I woke up at 9am and was late to take Sam to school. He started his day at 10am! But rest assure I went running to drop him need my "alone" time!

Also my body was aching from cleaning my front yard. It's been the most exercise I've done in a looooonnng time! I have rediscovered muscles I never knew I had  until the pain exposed them! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mowing My Heart: Ouch!

To take my mind off of things, this morning I decided to work in the front yard.  Since my husband’s departure I have not tended to the lawn or backyard for that matter and it is a wreck!  Usually this is hubby’s duty! Well, now its mine amongst other things! Aaaaaah….Life of a military wife!

As I stood looking from the doorway, I glanced over and saw I had numerous big leaves, little leaves, branches and candy wrappers covering my lawn.  Before I changed my mind, I quickly went into action.  I got my broom, dustpan, rake, clippers, trash bags and this “thingy majigy” that hubby bought to whack the growing grass!  NO, I do not have a lawnmower!  I went old school on this!!

God is Faithful

It's been very tough these past two days. Since my husband was hospitalized, there seems to be a familiar spirit rising within him that is causing him to become frustrated and insecure.

I say "familiar spirit" because these are negative attitudes that developed in his last deployment. Feelings of jealousy and insecurity are causing him to react insensitively.  The interrogations of my whereabouts and the abrupt endings of phone calls have commenced.  I had fears that this would reoccur. And it has.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

News about My Husband

I got a call about five minutes ago from my husband's Lieutenant.  The moment he introducted himself, I knew something was wrong.  Although he did not mention the cause of his call, he provided me with a number I can contact my husband.

As I quickly dialed the number, my husband's voice at the other end soothed my anxiety.  He shared that he was in the hospital for medical treatment of a bruised spleen during combat training. During some routine testings, they have also discovered some spots on his liver.  Therefore he will be hospitalized until further testings.

Hard Thing to Do: Waiting

It's been well over 24hrs since I've heard from my husband!  Although he is still in training and not overseas, I can't help to wonder.  Waiting is the most difficult action!.  The mind wanders and weariness overcomes us.  Despite faith, our yearning to know is great.  "Is he ok?"

Just the same, we must build our faith by trusting in God during these times.  Even though we ask God for answers, there are times that answers will not strengthen us, but learning to wait does!

"Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary."~ Isaiah 40:31

Friday, April 8, 2011

Isn't Like Something or Someone Who Rains on Your Parade.....

My day at the beach with my son was GRRRRRReat!  Truly it was refreshing. Although I didn't get to read my bible, the Lord made the Word manifest itself in visual. 
As my son was building a sand castle, I took notice on how he first was digging deep into the sand.  He digged and digged until there was a hole enough to hold water.  He then got his pail and fetched some water. As he was filling the hole, the sand soaked it up.  He didn't give up.  He continued to dig again.  Removing the broken shells that were in his way. 

A Time of Refreshing

Okay Ladies, it's time for some refreshing of the mind, body and soul!!  I am sure that throughout the week you have endured many struggles and have become weary. I know I have.  So come, take today and seek some renewal of your spirit. You deserve and NEED it!  I know I do!!!

Therefore, I have purposed this afternoon to dip myself in some refreshing water.  I am going to the beach!! I will swim (or appear like I'm't know how to swim..shhhhh) so that I may refresh the body. I'm going to read a new book I purchased called "The Passion of Jesus Christ" and the bible so that I may refresh the mind and I will glean at the beauty of God's fingerprints that surround me so that I may refresh my soul!!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. ~ Matthew 11:28

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." ~ Jeremiah 31:25

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Government Shut Down

Now I understand why my husband is stressed besides everything else! What amazes me is that our loved ones are sacrificing their lives for this country and this is how they repay them or NOT (pay them)! 

But I am thankful that we serve a King who governs justly! Regardless, our source is not in the systems of this world, but God's! 

Let us press in prayer for God to overrule this and divinely supply the needs of His people!

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." ~ Phil. 4:19

For further information Milspouse: Government Shutdown

Lord, Hug Him for Me.......

This morning I received a call from my husband.  His voice once strong now was weary.  All the stress of training and our separation was causing him despair.  Although he didn't share much on our call, he goes on to text me:

"Please forgive me for not sharing this morning. I just dont want to always be putting my hurts and stressful moments on you. I know you have stresses of your own. But just know that I love you and miss you alot. I wish you were here to hold me."  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pulled Over by Officer Friendly

These last few days I have reverted into a newborn.  Up all night and sleep the day!  Well maybe not the whole day but a good part of it!  Lord help me!

Anyway this morning my body was not cooperating with my mind! As I lay in bed, my mind is saying "it's time to get up" and my body responded "no it's not".  Guess who won?  Yep! You guessed it!

Of course we were running late, and the morning ritual of brush the teeth, make breakfast, get dressed, rush the kid, look for keys, rush the kid was in full force at a high velocity!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Despite What I Go Through........

...I will praise You Lord! Through the good and the bad..

No loneliness, despair, anxiety, heartache, or troubles can separate me from the love I have for the Lord....

Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

In reading a request for prayer from a young military wife in regards to her marriage and family, it brought back the memories of my husband’s previous tour of duty in 2009.

She shared the stress and impact she is experiencing due to her husband’s strenuous position in the military and his upcoming deployment. She mentioned how he has become verbally abusive, paranoid and unreasonable with her and their children.

“I love him so much but I’m scared of the man he has become” she desperately shares in her letter.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lord, Here I Am.....

There have been many changes taking place in my life besides the deployment of my husband.  These last few days have been a time of dying to my flesh - pride, unforgiveness and disobedience.  This process has been very painful.  Besides having to deal again with the absence of my husband when he returned back last week, I have found myself crying to the Lord to remove these emotions that have bombarded my soul.

We don't realize the hidden things we carry within us until the Lord exposes them.  If the Lord confronts you with something, rest assure its something He desires to change.

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