Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adopt a Soldier in Prayer

Would you consider adopting a Soldier to specifically intercede for them daily? If you have a loved one(s) currently serving, you also can participate in adopting another Soldier and stand in the gap for them and their family.

How this works? Those who have a Soldier will add their names on the "Personalized Prayer for Soldier" tab on this site.  Those willing to adopt a Soldier, I will assign them a name in which they take the responsibility to pray on their behalf and their family.


  1. I would love to pray for a soldier and his or her family. I am a vet, my husband is active duty Army, and my son is a Marine. I know full well what trials and tribulations a military family goes through. Thanks, Maggie.

  2. Thank You for your support! I will notify you once I begin to assign the names as they come in. God bless....


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