Friday, September 20, 2013

Identity Crisis

A couple of months have passed since I've posted.  Transition is an on-going process for most of us.  Some soldiers are able to adapt quickly others don't.  Unfortunately we fall under the category "don't"!

Although my husband has been home for 15 months, it's been very challenging for all of us.  He is now a retired veteran.  It's been very difficult for him to embrace that his career as an infantry soldier is over.  While others would be rejoicing about their retirement, he's not.

My husband has been in the military since he was 18 yrs old.  He is now 46.  Army life is all he's known.  Despite the dangers he faced, there was a sense of purpose that kept him going.  Being that he is now retired, he feels he has no purpose.  He is facing an identity crisis.  

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